STAT Health Immediate Medical Care: Much More than a Urgent Care Facility

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Dentist

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Unfortunately people get sick and people get hurt all the time. These situations can come as a result of an accident or a rather aggressive germ or virus that attacks the body. In many instances such as this, immediate care is needed which is why people will turn to Total Care Family Medical Center for the urgent care in Wildomar CA that is needed.

However, whether it’s a broken bone, the cold, the flu, rashes, ear infection or any other number of common medical conditions Total Care Family Medical Center not only offers immediate care for these conditions but it also offers a wide range of conventional medical services as well. If you need certain vaccinations, especially for your children to attend school, immunizations or specific injections, Total Care Family Medical Center can offer the services on an immediate basis without having to schedule appointments at your doctor’s office weeks in advance or having to wait in long and excessive lines at local health departments.

In addition to treating urgent care medical conditions as well is vaccinations and immunizations, Total Care Family Medical Center immediate health care also offers their doctors in performing a wide range of different physicals. Whether you simply need an annual checkup or you need a sports physical to be cleared for high school sports activity or whether it’s a physical related to a government agency or a particular job, this medical facility can handle those types of physicals. In addition to this, they also offer comprehensive drug screening for employers looking to either mandate random or company wide drug testing.

If someone you know or you yourself needs urgent care yet you can’t get a timely appointment at your doctor’s office and you simply don’t care to spend better part of your day waiting in the emergency room, Total Care Family Medical Center medical care facility is your best option. With qualified doctors and medical technicians, they can see you immediately, diagnose whatever issues you may be suffering from and treat you so that you can get relief as quickly as possible. With the addition of services such as immunization, vaccinations, drug screening and physicals, Total Care Family Medical Center is far more than you would expect from a simple urgent care facility.

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