Spa Massage Treatments Encourage Relaxation

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Beauty

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When people think of what relaxes them most, a massage is often pictured. That is not to say just any massage will do. Massage treatments given by trained massage experts is worth the time and effort it takes to make an appointment. Skilled massage therapists understand how to comfort and massage a body in all the right places with an end result that leaves a client feeling renewed and comfortable. Superior spa massage treatments in New York are experienced at high-profile spas.

Every Massage Is Different

Not every massage is meant to feel the same. Some people have a lower tolerance for pain and do not wish to experience a deep tissue massage. It is important to make sure you tell a massage therapist whether you can handle the deep manipulation of tissue or not. If you prefer a light touch then a Swedish massage is better for you. The massage is gentle yet firm and will improve circulation which alleviates fatigue and stiffness. Smooth strokes that glide across your body will set your mind at ease and remove any tension.

Massages that Focus on Deep Tissues

In some cases a client may wish to experience a deep tissue massage. These types of massages are more than just a deeper touch. They eliminate tension and toxic waste through deep tissue manipulation. The muscular system can tend to be tense and knot up. When a massage is aimed at deeper tissue this helps release the knots and tension.

Elbows, Thumbs, and Hands

A Shiatsu massage incorporates using hands, thumbs and elbows with acupressure techniques. This type of massage is hands-on and uses compression, stretching and strokes to relax a person. The series of strokes are meant to help further relaxation thus enhancing endurance and performance.

Experience the Comfort of Reflexology

The use of massage that focuses on feet is called reflexology. Thumbs and fingers are used to stimulate pressure points that are specific on feet. Clients who desire this type of massage tend to feel a sense of well-being with the release of blocked energy. Relief is felt throughout the body while only feet are massaged. The experience is sublime with professional massage therapists that understand the true meaning of massage.

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