Simple Tasks That You Can Take Care of from Your Online Patient Account

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Medical Supplies

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When you suffer from certain health conditions, you have to undergo regular medical tests so that your doctor can stay on top of your care. These tests can range from MRIs to CAT scans and other mobile PET imaging.

Instead of going to the hospital for these scans or calling the medical practice in person, you could prefer a faster and more discreet way of getting these tests scheduled and finished. By using your online patient account, you can handle most of the simpler tasks related to getting you in for tests and finding out your results.

Scheduling Your Scans

When your doctor has asked that you undergo mobile PET imaging, you do not want to make a trip all the way to the hospital for them. You would prefer to get them done at a more accessible facility that can do the scans and then send the results to your physician.

When you set up a patient portal for yourself online, you can take charge of scheduling your own appointment. You can use the portal to access the facility’s calendar. You can then find out what appointment times that it has open for patients.

You avoid having to call the facility in person for an appointment. You also do not have to wait for hours at the hospital to get them done.

Proof of Your Test Results

While your doctor will reveal your test results to you in person, you may want to have access to them later. You need proof of them for personal reasons as well as for your own records.

The results of your scan will be available in your patient portal on the facility’s website. You can access them anytime.

You can find out more about setting up a patient account online. Contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. at

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