Shopping for the Perfect Power Chair Scooter

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Health

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Even if you or any of your friends or loved ones are unable to walk, it’s still easy to move around quickly, practically and in style with any of the many power chair scooters that are available. If getting out of a standard wheelchair and into something more agile and independent sounds appealing, take note of these key factors that are involved when shopping for any of these scooters.

If you or your loved one is tired of trying to carry their personal belongings on a wheelchair or of having whoever is accompanying them carry a bag for them, consider shopping for a power wheelchair that has storage space. While a small carriage can be helpful, it’s even better to get a chair or scooter that has a fully equipped backpack. That way, it’s incredibly easy not only to take a hefty load with you but also to keep it organized.

The next important variable to consider when comparing different power chair scooters is whether you want to feel like you’re driving a scooter or motorcycle or whether you want it to look and feel like a traditional wheelchair. Many scooters have handlebars and side mirrors for intuitive driving, but a motorized wheelchair with joystick control may allow for an easier and more relaxed experience. While not all scooters come with mirrors, they’re extremely helpful to give the driver more awareness.

Although storage and control are the two main variables to consider when comparing many different power chair scooters, there are many small things to keep an eye out for because while they may not be too noticeable at first, you or whoever is using this scooter will be much more aware of the smaller details in the coming months. Think carefully about the material. Do you want the chair to consist of plastic or nylon? Nylon is generally easy to clean and is a bit more comfortable. Take a scooter’s weight into consideration. While a heavier scooter might be a little more comfortable and have some additional features, if you need to get the chair into a vehicle very often, those additional features might lose their value as you struggle to lift the heavier chair. Consider whether you want anti tip wheels, a foldable frame, padded armrests, adjustable height and backrest angle, sway footrests, non marking tires, manual wheel locks and more. If you’ve thought carefully about all of this, you can rest assured that you’ll buy the perfect chair for your needs.

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