Seeking Endometriosis-Related Infertility Treatment at an IVF Clinic

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Health

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If you have endometriosis, you may experience severe menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, bleeding between your periods, back pain, and gastrointestinal problems. Endometriosis may also raise your risk for infertility. Fortunately, there are some effective treatment options that may help you become pregnant.

Weak Androgens

Hormonal treatments with androgen medications can help shrink endometrial lesions and stop the progression of endometriosis. This gynecological disorder causes endometrial tissue, the tissue that lines your uterus, to grow outside the uterus. Endometrial tissue can grow on your ovaries and fallopian tubes, and sometimes on your bladder and bowel.

Hormonal treatment with androgen medication will also cause you to enter menopause temporarily. Once you have completed your hormone treatment, menstruation will return. Although androgen therapy may help restore your fertility, it can cause fatigue, hair loss, deepening of the voice, oily skin, and acne. If androgen therapy doesn’t restore your fertility, your doctor may recommend that you seek treatment at an IVF clinic in Orlando.


Another common treatment for endometriosis is laparoscopic surgery. This type of minimally invasive surgery can remove endometrial lesions from your ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, and other organs where lesions have developed. The surgery is typically done in an outpatient setting, and you will only have a couple of small incisions.

While the surgery itself is a minimally invasive procedure, you will still need to go under general anesthesia. Like with androgen therapy, if endometriosis surgery does not restore your fertility, your physician may refer you to an IVF clinic in Orlando for further evaluation and treatment.

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