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Scanning Your Heart in Illinois to Monitor Your Cardiovascular Health

If your doctor suspects that you have health issues with your heart, then a PET scan could be ordered. This is a scan that offers a few more details than an MRI or other types of diagnostic scans that can be performed. Here are a few details about what you could expect and who typically receives this type of test.

The Scan

The purpose of a PET scan in cardiology is to look at the valves of the heart and the arteries to determine if there are any blockages. The scan will usually reveal if there are any issues with the heart itself or if there is any damage if you have had a heart attack.

First in Line

Those who should have a PET scan in cardiology have typically had heart problems in the past. If you have had a heart attack or symptoms of a heart attack, then the scan can let your doctor know if you’re at risk for one in the future. You’ll also benefit from the scan if you have a family history of heart problems, such as congestive heart failure.

Some Risks

As with almost any procedure that is performed, there are a few risks that could be involved. Your doctor will talk with you more about these risks, but some of the common ones include reactions to the medications and dyes given during the scan. Another drawback is that the scan might not be available in some smaller cities, making it difficult for everyone who needs one to have the scan performed.

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