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Save Yourself Frustration with Food Allergy Testing in Seattle

For too long, allergies to foods have left sufferers and doctors guessing. Even worse, ignorance has seeped into modern society in the form of fake allergies created to avoid foods an individual simply does not like to eat, or has found trendy to avoid. Announcing a food allergy you do not actually have has brought untold frustrations to restaurant owners, as utensils and cookware that has touched this ingredient must be completely sanitized before that individual’s food is prepared. This has harmed the credibility of individuals that actually do have allergies to certain foods, such as tomatoes, gluten, and peanuts, and it has fast become a social phenomenon to ignore such statements as exaggerations. Food allergy testing in Seattle is available right now in order to determine exactly what allergies are plaguing you. In order to expunge any undue frustrations, it is imperative that such a test be performed by a doctor rather than a free screening, as such screenings may be unreliable.

When Should an Allergy Test Be Sought Out

When allergy symptoms arise out of nowhere, it is common to blame the problem on changing weather or other outside factors. Over-the-counter medications are utilized more often than not in order to treat these seemingly unavoidable frustrations, such as a runny nose or watery eyes. However, their origin may not be quite what you believe them to be. When symptoms are persistent despite these measures, it is time to visit a doctor. A doctor will ask you about your medical history and order a series of tests that cover both external allergies, such as pollen, and ingested allergies, such as peanuts or tomatoes. Food allergy testing is extremely important when symptoms appear regularly after eating.

Skin tests are most commonly utilized in the testing of allergies. Tiny increments of possible allergens are injected under the skin, and your reaction can be seen through reddening and inflammation of the injection sight. If you have a rash or are currently prescribed medications that will affect these results, however, a blood test may be utilized. Chronic hives are a terrible affliction, and a patient that cannot find a cure for these quickly falls into frustration. In order to find treatment that eases these previously unknown allergies, food allergy testing is your best option.

It is Never too late to Seek Help

The easiest way to avoid food allergy symptoms is to avoid the foods you are allergic to. Treatments exist for the symptoms, but allergens will forever surround you. Make sure to read the ingredients list on all packaged and canned foods you buy in order to minimize your chances of an outbreak. On the occasion that you eat out, it is a good idea to ask about the ingredients used in a dish before it is ordered.