"> Safe Headache Treatment for Pregnant Women

Safe Headache Treatment for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant places a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot consume safely. This may include certain foods, beverages, and many medications.  However, just because you may be expecting a little one does not mean you are immune to common aches and pains. Not only is back pain, leg pain and sore shoulders a major issue for expectant mothers, but headaches can become a burden as well. It could be from a change in hormones in your body, a lack of sleep, a misalignment of your spine, a pinched nerve, or simply emotional stress. No matter the cause, you can find safe and effective headache relief in Alexandria.

Treating Headaches Holistically

There are a variety of options for non-medicated headache treatments which can bring you relief while keeping your unborn baby safe. Of these, a visit to the Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center for a bit of chiropractic attention can go a long way in easing your pain. Headaches that stem from a pinched nerve, compressed disc or other spinal issue can be immediately eased in just one visit. With additional visits to the clinic for headache relief in Alexandria, you can very soon be back to enjoying your days with no pain at all.

* Gentle spinal manipulation can be performed safely on women at every stage of their pregnancy with absolutely no risk to the baby.

* A neck and shoulder massage at home from your significant other can also help ease some pain caused by the added strain on your spine due to the increasing weight of the baby.

* Severe headache pain may be the result from a pinched nerve, especially if other pain is felt in the toes or legs.

* Finding a chiropractor that is experienced in treating pregnant women is important, and be sure to mention your condition if it is not yet obvious.

As soon as you walk away from your first visit, you may feel relief right then and there. If not, an additional visit or two may bring the total relief you seek.

Staying Medication Free

Chiropractic clinics such as the Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center have been helping people just like you escape from a life of pain. Even if it was caused from an injury, illness or from whiplash often times a person will find that a single visit for a spinal realignment is all it takes to wave goodbye to that pain and say hello to happier days!