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by | Jun 18, 2013 | Health

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Plain and simple — ephedrine is an herbal stimulant that was an afterthought from ma Huang, a Chinese plant. Originally, the ma huang was used to treat asthma, cold and flu symptoms, headache and edema. Ephedrine is basically a stimulant that has more than one beneficial use.

Here is how the ephedrine stimulant works. It motivates a thermogenesis affect in the body. This is the affect that is so effective in speeding up the metabolism to burn fat. It helps an individual lose weight in two different ways. The thermogenetic effect heats the body, resulting in burning off fat. Another aspect of the weight loss component is ephedrine increases the release of brain catecholomines. This amplifies the thermogenesis effect.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most talked about result. It is effective because of the chain reaction it has in the body to burn fat and suppress the appetite.


The U.S. Coast Guard has used ephedrine with promethazine for many years to help its sailors fight off seasickness.

Increases Strength and Muscle

Ephedrine may be primarily known for its fat-burning properties, but it does have other attributes. It is classified as an ergogenic drug, meaning it will enhance endurance for the bodybuilders and energy for longer workouts, as well as strength in weight lifting. The metabolic increase is for fat burning, but it also increases the force of skeletal muscle contractions, providing an adrenaline rush. This rush gives the bodybuilder or the athlete the ability to push harder in training to make strength gains.

Asthma Treatment

Originally, ephedrine was used for treatments for asthma because one of its attributes was to dilate the bronchial airways. Even today it is still used as a remedy for the common cold and flu. It also stimulates the thyroid. This has a lot of benefits in the health aspect.

Adverse Side Effects

Even with all the positives about ephedrine, it still has side effects. However, many good drugs and herbal supplements have side effects. Every drug and supplement has to be taken responsibly and according to the recommended dosage. Many side effects come from overdoses or at least doses in greater amounts more frequently than recommended.

Ephedrine has been known to alter emotions, thus causing aggressiveness and anxiety. Heart rate and blood pressure can climb too high with dehydration as well, making it important to exercise caution when using this supplement.

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