Restylane – The New Botox

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Healthcare

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Are you looking for a way to get your skin to look more youthful? Maybe you have lost that glowing and dewy look, and you are not finding any relief with creams and lotions. There are so many products out there, so the options can overwhelm you at times. Did you know that more people are using Restylane in Chicago to solve their problems with tired-looking skin? This is a new alternative to Botox, and it is making waves. Read on to find out why this could be your solution to a drab and dreary face.

What It Does

It is becoming more common to see Restylane in Chicago, and for good reason. This procedure involves a soft tissue filler that can be inserted into the cheeks, forehead, or other part of the face. It works to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, since it increases skin’s volume and softens sharp or saggy angles. Women and men use this treatment to reduce the evidence of scarring, as well as to put their best face forward. A soft and supple look may be possible with this procedure.

Why It Is Popular

This is a commonly asked for treatment because it is done in less than one hour. Even better is that clients do not have to go to a hospital; they can simply walk into the medical professional’s office and walk out on their own. Unlike other invasive procedures, you can lift and replenish your skin without the adverse side effects. Clients report little to no pain, and they can get back to their normal, daily lives in no time at all! Forget the Botox face or loads of redness and swelling. This is a viable option for a wide range of consumers.

Things To Know

Although many people prefer Restylane in Chicago, the treatment can be used in conjunction with Botox. Moreover, this is a safe product but should be used by a trained expert only. You can expect to see results right after your first injection, and results will last for months, maybe even over a year. There is little risk of allergic reaction, although you should tell your doctor about such things. Communication is always key when it comes to aesthetic procedures and your safety.

It may seem that this could finally be the answer you have been waiting for. If so, do not hesitate any longer! Get started on a younger, fresher you today!

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