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by | Jun 19, 2012 | Healthcare

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Diagnosis is the first step to treatment and is one of the most advanced forms of medicine available. Despite what shows like House M.D. would lead us to believe, radiology is performed by specialists in the field, as compared to general diagnosticians. This is due to the complexity of the machinery involved, as well as the skill of reading and interpreting the results. As such, many general practitioners and doctors won’t have on staff radiology departments and will send patients to outside specialists. This can be disorienting for patients, as they have to make sense of their choices and know what they want and need. In Orlando, radiology presents enough choices of specialists so as to be dizzying; but thankfully, there are ways to sort through what you need from an Orlando radiology specialist.

The first thing to look for is your ability to pay for the Orlando radiology specialist, which will typically be handled by your insurance provider or determined by the cost of the radiology service. The second issue is one often overlooked in the abstract: How can you get there? If the place is too far too drive, or if you lack a car, you might not be able to get there. While Orlando itself might be small in terms of population as compared to the bigger hub cities, Orlando and its metro area is quite large. Note, however, that some Orlando radiology specialists will offer transportation services (sometimes complimentary) and others will have different parking arrangements. These little factors can add up, as depending on your condition, you may have to take semi-regular trips to the radiologist and will need to find the most convenient place for your circumstances and budget. The other factor that can’t be overlooked is the issue of open MRI versus traditional MRI. MRI is one of the more important and advanced forms of radiology but can require a patient to lay still in an enclosed space for an extended period which can cause extreme discomfort for some people. For those unfortunate enough to be afflicted with claustrophobia, an open MRI machine can make the process much easier, so ask if your Orlando radiology group offers open MRI.

Once you’ve found an Orlando radiology service that provides what you need that you can afford, you will want to look into testimonials to see how people rated the care afterwards. Even if it’s a convenient drive, if the service is lacking, it’s not worth the investment. Thankfully, most modern radiology specialists will have websites for their services so you can full understand what they specialize in. Also, if you have a spinal condition, it might be in your best interests to look somewhere that has a specialty there as compared to sports injury or neurological issues.

Contact your Orlando radiology group to learn more about the benefits of open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Visit Open MRI of Orlando – Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Center Florida or call 407-749-8848 for answers to your questions about MRI or to schedule an appointment.

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