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Providing Access to Acupuncture for Philadelphia Residents

Many people might be surprised to know that basic medical responses, methods and programs used today, are based on theories built up long ago, across the globe. Acupuncture falls into the category of rehabilitation therapies that are based on ancient remedies. Though the practice has been transformed over time, the ideology remains intact. Acupuncture was born out of the belief system originating in ancient Chinese medicine and has remained a vital part of the medical field through the modern age. Used commonly in rehabilitation centers in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Acupuncture has become a popular solution for patients looking to relieve pain and increase physical strength after experiencing an injury or illness.

Type of acupuncture available to rehabilitation patients

The most common method used for administering acupuncture to rehabilitation patients is needle insertion. An acupuncture therapist will carefully insert small needles into primary pressure points on the body which may include ears, head and feet amongst other effective areas. Pressure on these points helps to relieve specific pain and discomfort throughout the body, and is even used to help patients overcome addictions to substances such as pain pills they may have been prescribed for discomfort in the past by other physicians. Used regularly over time, it’s not uncommon for acupuncture therapy patients to see drastic physical and emotional results from this procedure.

The benefits of incorporating acupuncture into rehab programs

In tandem with other forms of therapy, acupuncture seems to be particularly positive when used in rehabilitation programs. Most commonly utilized alongside therapies such as chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy exercises, acupuncture compliments these procedures physically and emotionally, and is also often an integral part of a patient’s total recovery plan. Associated with positive energy that naturally thrives in the body, as well as relaxation techniques, acupuncture has found its place securely in the ranks of rehabilitation methods.

Accessing emotional rehabilitation

While not all patients will experience complete physical relief from pain as a result of participating in acupuncture therapies, many patients using it as part of a rehabilitation program reap the benefits of emotional stability. Acupuncture is utilized on the belief that it accesses the body’s positive energy, and releases endorphins that help the healing process. While not all claims can be medically justified, many patients claim the acupuncture promotes a positive effect emotionally, which helps give them motivation for continued healing and therapy. In fact, many patients who reach a full recovery go on to continue with acupuncture therapy treatments purely for the emotional or calming effect the procedure can provide for.