Outdoor Summer Fun Can Lead to Urgent Medical Care Need for STAT Health Immediate Medical Care

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Healthcare

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Summer is a time for enjoying the sun, swimming, barbecues in the backyard, car trips and outdoor sports and recreation of all sorts. While all of these things are wonderful, summer does not mean a break from illnesses or accidents that can require immediate, professional and competent attention. It is important to bear in mind that Urgent Medical Care STAT Health Immediate Medical Care is available for health problems and emergencies at all times.

Since more time is spent out of doors in the summer months, many more “nature” related health issues can pose a problem, or even a crisis. Sunburn is a common occurrence in summer, but sometimes it can be severe enough to require medical attention. If a sunburn causes enough pain that the person cannot sleep, forms blisters, or is accompanied by fever or vomiting, it should be checked out by an emergency doctor.

Another common outdoor hazard is poison ivy and other skin irritating plants. Signs and symptoms of exposure to these include burning and itching of the skin, blisters that may burst or leak and itchy red patches or scales on the skin. If any of these is present, the person should be seen right away as well.

A third danger of outdoor living has to do with bites. Many insects can inflict bites that need to be tended to, such as hornet or bee stings which some people are highly allergic to. If a red circular rash is seen on the skin, it could be the result of a tick bite, which might indicate Lyme disease. Even mosquito bites can become inflamed if infected by scratching at them, and may require a quick visit to the urgent care center.

Any of these health threats found out of doors can become serious if not treated right away by a trained and certified emergency physician, such as can be found at an urgent medical care center. Since Urgent Medical Care STAT Health Immediate Medical Care is open 7 days a week and appointments are not required, their convenience makes them an excellent resource to remember when outdoor summer time fun leads to health problems.

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