Options and alternatives for tattoo removal

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Health

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There are plenty of people, both male and female that wants to have a tattoo removed. Years ago this was a next to impossible task but not so today. There are as many good reasons to want Austin tattoo removal to work on removing yours as there were for getting it in the first place. There are many potential employers who frown on candidates with visible tattoos, perhaps in your youth you were associated with a gang and you have long since walked away from it. There are people who go through a period in their life where they were part of some hate group or held skin-head prejudices, or maybe it’s the most common reason, to remove the name of a past love.

There are always good reasons why people want their body art removed, but before they have it done, there is something to think about; which Austin tattoo removal method is best.

Laser removal:

The most common and most sought after method of tattoo removal is by laser. When the subject submits to laser, the dermatologist or other tattoo removal specialist uses the power of the laser to target the ink; this process breaks the ink down into minute fragments which are then eliminated by the body’s immune system. Regardless of the size of the tattoo that is to be removed, this is not a process which works with a single setting. As subsequent treatments are had, the more ink that is broken down, but there is a limit as too many treatments can increase the possibility of excessive pain and potentially damage to the skin. Although this is a risk, the people who perform this tattoo removal service will provide ample evidence that the technology is highly advanced and if any scarring happens, it will be insignificant but often there is no scarring at all.

Alternative methods:

There are two other methods that can be employed to remove a tattoo but they are both extremely painful and damaging. These methods include dermabrasion; a process where the skin is sanded away and excision; this is where the skin is actually surgically removed and replaced with a graft. Both of these alternatives cause significant damage to the skin, the results are severe scarring.


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