Mobile Vets in Phoenix Are Right at Home with Your Pet

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Healthcare Industry

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The beauty and pleasure of having a loving cat, dog, or other pet can rapidly turn into distress the moment you have to provide for its medical needs, whether preventative or emergency in nature. Perhaps when you rescued that adorable puppy or when your heart melted for that scrawny kitten, you knew right away that you had to give a home to it. But what you may not be at home with are parasites, dog and cat infectious diseases, and the hassle of regular trips to a sterile, cold, and seemingly heartless veterinary clinic miles out of your way. It sounds as if the best option for you is a team of mobile vets in Phoenix who will come to your home to provide care for your four-legged best friend, at your convenience and in the exact environment that your pet calls home.

Nowhere is the kind, loving care of on-wheels vets in Phoenix more evident than when your pet faces end-of-life issues, tooth extractions, or serious surgery. The harsh, sterile, chemical smelling environment of the conventional on-site pet hospital is no way for you to say goodbye to your pet (whether that’s permanently or just until they come out of surgery). After all, that little one has no understanding of why he is in this strange and stressful environment, and why you’re abandoning him there. But you do. And you can’t abide it.

Take a look then at the loving, homey alternative offered by mobile vets in Phoenix. They arrive at your door, at yours and your pet’s convenience. They come fully equipped with a veterinary hospital on wheels that is stocked with state-of-the-art medicines, equipment, and technology to ensure the well-being of your dog, cat, or other pet. Even more significant is that the caring and skilled professionals who have taken to the road do so out of a mission. The expert doctor of veterinary and the trained nurse technician who come to your door to give your pet one on one care know that at-home care is the best care for your animal. They also know that they can solve 90 percent of pet ailments and injuries without any stay at a base facility. Yet, it’s also good to know that your mobile vets in Phoenix can make the informed decision to provide even more focused care at their base hospital and that your pet will be under the best attention while en route.

Peace of mind for you and a hale, healthy outlook for your cat, dog, or other pet—all in their home environs. These make up the bill of health you can depend on from the best mobile vets in Phoenix.

The best vets in Phoenix are those savvy and consummately equipped professionals who come to you! A veterinary clinic on wheels, Aaron’s Ark ( is proud to make mobile veterinary house calls in Phoenix, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Arcadia, Arrowhead, Biltmore, and South Carefree, and Cave Creek. We enable your pet to be at home right after dentistry and surgery via our state-of-the-art anesthesia. Fully licensed and equipped to handle examinations, diagnostic procedures, minor surgery, X-rays, and dentistry on site, we also have two well-equipped veterinary hospital-based facilities for major surgery and hospitalization. Call us today to book a house call at 602.510.9596 (west of Cave Creek Rd.) or 480.510.1000 (east of Cave Creek Rd.).

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