Missing Teeth Make You Look Older

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Dentist

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If you’ve got a missing tooth toward the back of your mouth that isn’t evident when you smile you might think it’s not such a big deal. Whether the tooth broke, was lost due to periodontal disease, or was extracted due to a toothache and severe infection, it’s important to consider your options for replacing that tooth.

The Problem With Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause spacing problems that make your other teeth shift, over time. They can also have an impact on the bone in your jaw and could even make you look older. People who get dentures after having had missing bottom teeth for quite a while are often asked if they’ve had a facelift because it can help lift the look of their jawline considerably.

Dental Implants & Partial Dentures

Dental implants and partial dentures could be a great solution for you. Not only will they make your smile more attractive and make eating easier, but they preserve the spacing between teeth, which is better for your remaining natural teeth as well as for your jawline.

Today, more people than ever are looking at dental implants as they are as close to natural teeth as you can get and can last a long time. But not everyone can afford dental implants so opt for dentures. 21st century dentures look more natural than ever. While dental implants are permanently affixed to the jawline, partial dentures are removable. They’re customized so that they fit seamlessly into your mouth and can easily be removed for cleaning.

By replacing missing teeth you’ll have an easier time eating and speaking and you won’t jeopardize the positioning of your remaining natural teeth. In addition, you’ll avoid the sagging of the jaw line that often occurs prematurely due to missing teeth.

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