Menstrual Cups are Great Tampon Alternatives

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Health & Fitness

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For years, women thought that the only alternative to a sanitary pad was a tampon. A day at the pool, a long hike – the feminine product that was the solution to these problem activities was a tampon. However, in recent years, evidence has come out to show that tampons are not always a safe solution. What some women don’t know is that menstrual cups can be a safe and convenient alternative. Consider the following and you may be one of the many women switching for your next period.

A Safer and Gentler Solution
Many women have heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome – a potentially fatal illness that is linked to long duration tampon usage. Using a menstrual cup eliminates the risk of TSS from tampon usage. Another problem that arises is the dryness that you experience on the days that you use tampons during a light flow. You naturally produce fluids to keep your body clean during your menstrual period and a tampon can absorb that fluid. Keep your body’s delicate environment undisturbed by using a menstrual cup, one of the most comfortable tampon alternatives.

Save Money
The cost of feminine products can add up over your lifetime. Tampons come in multiple sizes, depending on your flow and whether you’ve had a child, and buying a variety of them each month be costly. Considering purchasing one of the most convenient tampon alternatives – a menstrual cup – it will meet your needs and can be used for many years.

Always being prepared for your time of the month can be difficult when you are on the go. When you have a menstrual cup, you can carry it discretely and have it available for whenever you need it. Carry tampons around can be difficult because they are delicate and can be damaged easily. A menstrual cup is convenient to transport and use no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re spending the day at home, at work, camping for the weekend, or taking a dip in the pool, menstrual cups can be work for up to 12 hours and are leak-proof. Cups are discrete, easy to use, and reusable making them a convenient alternative for your active lifestyle.


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