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Meet Another Kind of Shroom: Introducing Cordyceps, Properties and Benefits

Everyone’s heard of magic mushrooms and their effects. Despite their ‘magic,’ shrooms belong to the same family as our favorite edible, non-hallucinogenic mushrooms, including button, cremini, portobello, etc. Then there are shrooms like cordyceps, long renowned around the world for its adaptogenic properties. What does that mean? Here’s your quick rundown about cordyceps and how to spot the best cordyceps mushroom supplement in your neck of the woods.

What Exactly are Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a blanket term for more than 600 related species of mushrooms growing in nearly every single part of the world. Cordyceps is a longtime remedy in traditional Chinese medicine. Anecdotal evidence suggests cordyceps improves energy and endurance. Experts say it potentially stimulates mitochondrial function, enhancing cellular respiration and each cell’s production of ATP energy units.

Most of the earliest anecdotal evidence about cordyceps comes from runners, mountaineers and climbers, endurance athletes. People who dose report rapid, noticeable improvement in endurance, less fatigue and little to no ‘winded’ feeling. Cordyceps is an adaptogen and tonifying. Adaptogens (natural and synthetic) improve your body’s ability to manage and withstand stress. ‘Tonifying’ refers to acupuncture or herbal medicine that increases available energy in your body.

How to Spot the Best Cordyceps Mushroom Supplement

There are certain characteristics to look for when choosing the best mushroom supplement. Look for a product that’s pharmacist formulated. Pharmacist formulation ensures consistency and potency from dose to dose. Independent lab testing that confirms the product’s potency, safety and efficacy is also preferred.

For quality purposes, mushroom products made in the USA and devoid of gluten are always a plus. Some supplements include ‘stacks,’ combining cordyceps with B12, green tea and amino acids for the ultimate in sustained, natural energy. Visit Silverleaf Wellness at SilverleafWellness.com for more info.

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