Massage in Waco, TX and Other Skin Treatments

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Health

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Cosmetic skin care and body treatments help to relieve pain and stress. They also make the skin look younger and can make you feel good about your body. Different treatments work on different parts of the body.


If you want a massage in Waco TX then you have a few choices. You can get a Swedish massage, which is a relaxing massage that uses light pressure and long movements. A deep tissue massage uses harder pressure and short movements to help relieve pain. Stone massages use essential oils and heated stones for an experience that soothes the body and the mind. Therapeutic massages focus on parts of the body where you feel pain.


As you age, those pesky wrinkles and lines crop up on your face. Even if the lines come from all the times you’ve laughed, you might not like how they look. You can have lines filled with injectables. A chemical is filled in a syringe and then injected under your skin to fill in the lines on the face. Injections last up to one year. You can make wrinkles disappear the same way.


Sometimes, no matter how much you work out, that fat just won’t go away. That excess fat is often caused by childbirth and will never go away. Liposuction used to be a dangerous surgery, but new treatments have become available. You can receive liposuction that does not require anesthesia or hospital time. Visit a professional clinic, have the procedure done, and go home within a half hour.


Facials are a way to get skin treatment without injections. Exfoliating scrubs and masks are applied to the skin and left to work hard while you relax. Each scrub or mask is made up of certain chemicals, vitamins, and other material designed to help the skin. These treatments are used to reduce lines, hydrate, stimulate collagen, and reduce oil build-up.

Laser Treatments

The most common laser treatment is hair removal. Lasers are used to remove hair on the body permanently after a few sessions. Laser treatments are also used to reduce scars, spots, and stretch marks. The process is not invasive and is done right in the office.


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