Let Humor Help Build your Resilience

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Healthcare

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A sense of humor can help you develop your resilience. Those who are able to laugh even in the most difficult of circumstances are able to overcome the negative affects of adversity and difficulty in their lives. Humor brings balance back into your life and also relieves the burden of sadness that can weigh down your heart.

The Power of Levity

When you are able to face difficulties with humor you are in effect making your troubles smaller. Instead of looking at trouble as a worthy adversary you are disarming it in your mind. It is hard to be afraid of something that makes you laugh. The larger you can feel the easier it will be to overcome your troubles. Laughter both physically and mentally relieves tension. When you are able to relieve tension you are better able to face your troubles and make calmer decisions on how to improve your situation.

The Power of Negativity

Unfortunately negativity has just as much power over us as levity. When you allow yourself to be consumed with negative emotions such as anger and sadness they will take away your power to overcome and instead give power to your troubles. They literally consume you both mind and body causing you to hold onto stress and tension and making it more and more difficult to let go of your fears. The more positive you remain the better able you will be to overcome issues.

Laughter for Motivation

Many motivational speakers in New Jersey will use humor to bring people to their senses and help them see the importance of finding inner strength and joy. Without joy we are unable to see the bright side of life which makes it difficult to find the care or desire to carry on and do our best. Laughter is a great motivator as it allows ourselves to look at things with a lighter point of view and come through the feeling we cannot achieve and find ourselves on the other side with a more positive attitude. People who are able to stay positive, laugh and continue to enjoy life despite pitfalls and difficulties maintain a stronger resolve better enabling them to deal with larger issues when they arise.

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