Learn How Implants in St. Augustine FL Can Meet Your Needs

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Dentist

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Many people are self conscious if they do not have a great smile. This can lead them to not smile as much as they would like. Even with regular dental care, there could be some issues that result their teeth looking less than ideal.

These days, dentists have a great deal of options to offer their patients. For those people who have lost a tooth, for example, there are a number of solutions that can be offered to them. Even with the loss of a tooth, these individuals can still enjoy a wonderful smile.

Implants in St. Augustine FL area are a more modern approach to the issue of missing teeth. Though most people are concerned primarily with how their smile will look when they are missing teeth, implants are important for another reason as well. In order to protect the health of the teeth, a dentist is likely to recommend such a device.

When teeth are missing, it disrupts the support structure that was in place in the mouth. This can lead to the other shifting in order to fill this missing spot. Though this natural process may happen gradually, it can eventually put the other teeth in jeopardy for weakness.

In the past, a dentist would use a gold tooth in order to hold the place of the missing tooth. This could cause a few issues with the person who had the gold tooth. Some people have an allergic reaction to the gold. In other cases, the use of gold could make it difficult for people to afford them. In addition, unlike Implants St. Augustine FL, a gold tooth is quite noticeable and very visible, depending on the area of the mouth it is located.

Implants St. Augustine FL are highly customized to each individual. A mold is made of the area where the implant is to be positioned. Once it is placed into the mouth, it typically takes a period of time before the bones of the mouth begin to grow into the tooth. This permanant solution to a missing tooth gives an individual the option of a realistic looking tooth.

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