Learn How Chiropractors Treat Depression through Bioresonance Therapy

by | Jan 19, 2019 | Health & Fitness

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Every living thing resonates a certain electromagnetic frequency, and everyone has a unique frequency. Some frequencies promote happiness and balance; other frequencies, unfortunately, create toxins that cause disease. Bioresonance therapy for depression in West Bloomfield, MI is a pain- free and drugless way to help cope with depression and promote overall well-being.

Bioresonance therapy

Every body system has its frequency, when all the systems are at their strongest the body functions well and resists disease. Toxins, injury, inflammation, and other imbalances can alter the frequencies. When an electromagnet frequency alters itself in a negative way, the Bioresonance Assessment can pick it up and find diagnose any problems.

Bioresonance therapy can identify any imbalances in a person’s body before other conventional methods.

Talk to a doctor about doing therapy sessions before starting bioresonance therapy for depression to eliminate toxins and other harmful effects. Electromagnet therapy works by sending small, repetitive magnetic pulses aimed at a certain part of the brain. Typically, the magnetic pulses aimed toward the brain’s limbic system, which controls an individual’s mood.

Neurons in the brain are then activated from the electromagnetic pulses. Mood enhancing chemicals (serotonin and dopamine) are released into the brain after these pain-free magnetic pulses.

How Bioresonance Therapy is Applied

One of the most basic, but effective, applications is through hand or foot electrodes. Probes can also direct the current from acupuncture points to balance the conditions of certain organs, including the brain.

Another application is through inverted oscillations from bodily fluids, blood or urine are two examples of that may help with auto-immune diseases.

Depression and Bioresonance therapy

Over long periods depression can cause damage to any brain if a person does not wish to use drugs bioresonance therapy for depression is a great way to balance the brain. Using bioresonance therapy helps the brain to repair itself. A trained chiropractor or doctor will monitor the progress and determine how well it works for every individual.

Bioresonance therapy is one of the many forms of regulatory medicine like homeopathy, acupuncture, and other forms of complementary therapy. Under complementary therapy, bioresonance therapy is a very effective method.

Bioresonance therapy may go along with mental therapy, massages, and regular back alignments to keep the mind and body healthy together.

Severe psychological trauma is not able to be treated using bioresonance therapy, abuse or traumatic events may not be helped with this treatment and could even encourage further illness.

Non-traumatic depression may use bioresonance therapy as a treatment, as it has been shown to work well as a non-medicated treatment.

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