Learn About the Importance of Stem Cells

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Health

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With all the advances in medical technology, doctors are starting to be able to treat more ailments with better results. You’ve probably heard of stem cell research, but do you actually know what it does? Here is a little run down so you’ll be educated. Stem cell therapy in Lynnfield MA is helping to treat those patients with degenerative diseases.

What is Stem Cell Research?

Stem cell research has had a long road and traveled up from some controversy. When it first started people were against it. They harvested stem cells by taking them from human embryos destroying the embryo during the harvest. The stem cell is so interesting because it can change into any of the over two hundred cells in the body. This helps scientists study how to treat many diseases most notably the possibility of new treatments for cancer. Stem cell research is still relatively knew so it will be interesting to see what it can accomplish with a few more years.

What Does Stem Cell Therapy Do?

Stem cell therapy in Lynnfield, MA is used to help treat injuries and pain. A donor can give cells extracted from their blood or bone marrow. Once these are taken they can be injected into joints to help take away the pain of a patient. Patients like this because it is a treatment that can be taken instead of having surgery. It provides a long-term solution because it isn’t a therapy that just numbs the pain, the cells go in and repair the damage allowing the patient to experience long term pain relief. If you’re looking for a clinic that provides this type of therapy you can visit cherryhealthgroup.com to see their options and determine if this is a treatment you need.

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