La Bella Donna Foundation: The Difference Minerals Make

by | May 17, 2013 | Beauty

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Whether you’re the kind of woman who wears makeup every day or you save cosmetics for special occasions only – it’s very important to be aware of the products that you are using. Even with occasional makeup use, using foundations and powders that contain ingredients that are prone to irritating the skin can cause big problems. Regardless of whether or not you have sensitive skin, switching to a product like La Bella Donna foundation that is mineral-based could make a big difference for you.

No Unnecessary Ingredients
It’s amazing how many unnecessary ingredients can be found in traditional drugstore foundations. Have you noticed that more people have started turning to a more organic diet? Why not implement the same strategy in your makeup bag! La Bella Donna Products is free of oils, talc, alcohol or fragrances. Not only are these ingredients incredibly common among drugstore brands, but they can also clog pores and actually make your skin look worse with extended use. Isn’t that defeating the purpose?

Pamper Your Skin
Products like La Bella Donna foundation are incredibly pure & contain ingredients that actually benefit you skin. Not only can you achieve a beautiful, glowing look with the coverage that you’re looking for, but you’ll be protecting your skin in a natural way against UV rays which can burn and cause premature aging. Whether you prefer loose or pressed powders, La Bella Donna offers both in their product line.

A More Natural Look
Have you ever noticed that some foundations, powders and concealers can give the skin a very unnatural look? You’ll never experience this problem when using a mineral-based powder since the formulas are light and airy. Instead of having a caked on makeup look, your natural beauty can shine through the sheer coverage leaving you feeling confident and beautiful!

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