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Juvexin Bringing a New Found Tameness to Hair

Let’s face it girls if you are one of the many curly topped ladies out suffering from chronic frizz you will try just about anything to get the smooth hair you crave. It’s always the way: The girls with curls hate ‘em and the ones with straight hair want ‘em. The truth is although it rocks to have curls and waves naturally it is much harder to tame curls into straight hair then it is to bring curls or waves to straight hair, or so it seems. The latest trend in relaxing the spring in curly hair is the GK Hair Treatment containing Juvexin. This product is making it easier to get a tamer look and cutting down on hair flattening efforts big time.

What is Juvexin?

Juvexin is a patented ingredient found in natural sheep’s wool and developed by GK Hair Professionals for use in their GK hair care line. The process to harness Juvexin is eco friendly and is effective when delivered to hair that has not been colored or treated. It contains a blend of various ingredients including peptides and proteins designed to keep hair smooth and sleek. It penetrates the hair and hair shaft for long lasting results that help to keep the hair moisturized and well conditioned.

Benefits of Juvexin

Juvexin can be used in hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners to help keep hair manageable and free of frizz and split ends. It can also be used in treatments such as smoothing serums. It has become most well known for its use in GK’s semi permanent treatment that can be applied to curly hair to release the tension of natural curl and wave allowing hair to be more easily blow dried and smoothed using a flat iron. Once applied the GK treatment can last as long as five months. It is being used in hair salons around the world and can also be purchased online. Many women are finding it to be a highly effective treatment and well worth the time and money. It makes getting ready in the morning faster and hair remains softer and more manageable with the need for far less conditioning products.

If you are looking for a solution to your bad hair days, GK products may be the answer to your prayers.