Interviewing Providers for Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia PA

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Healthcare

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When your parent or loved one needs help with daily living activities, such as bathing, eating and household chores, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to be the primary caregiver. Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia PA, such as Angels On Call, can provide assistance with caring for your loved one. In home providers offer a wide range of services that will make it easier for your loved one to remain in their home and to give you a break when needed. There are several factors to consider when hiring a home care provider.

The first thing you will need to decide what type of assistance your loved one needs. It is important to discuss these needs with your loved one. If they need help with dressing and/or bathing, it is important to discuss with your parent whether they are more comfortable with having an aid of the same sex assist them with their personal hygiene. You should make a list of the services you are interested in. For example, do you need help with doing your loved one laundry once a week, do they need help with medications or will you need someone to provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.

When contacting providers for Home Health Care Philadelphia PA, it is beneficial to have a list of interview questions prepared. Your list should include questions such as if the provider takes insurance and which type, how many days each week will they come to your parent home and what hours will they be available, if your parent needs help with medications, be sure to ask if a registered nurse will be able to help and most importantly, ask for references. When the home care provider gives you the references, call them. It is important that you also interview the aid and nurses that will be coming to the home. If at all possible, your loved one should be present during the interviews.

It is important that you stay involved with your loved one. You should talk with your parent about the provider and make sure they are comfortable with those who have been assisting them. If at any time your parent or yourself becomes uncomfortable with the providers who come to the home, it is important to contact the provider service as soon as possible.

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