Intense Pulsed Light Therapy and Other Dermatology Procedures that Cure Skin Conditions

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Skin Care Clinic

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Healthy looking skin is a physical feature many care about. Blemishes, rashes, acne and the effects of aging are just a few things that flaw the skin. Skin with too much sun exposure and can create brown spots and premature aging. Brown spots on the face stand out and can make people feel insecure about their appearance. Toxins in the air can irritate the skin too. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy uses pulsating light just under the surface of skin. It targets the source that creates brown spots and broken capillaries. Individuals getting this procedure will be left with clear skin free of brown spots. Uneven skin tone from medical skin conditions like rosacea can be alleviated with Intense Pulsed Light Therapy as well. As a bonus from this procedure, collagen production is stimulated. Collagen naturally acts as a filler to make the skin fuller, thus filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

The Skin Center has a solution for every dermatology concern. Acne scars leave unsightly marks and scar tissue can cause the skin to protrude, or leave hollowed spaces in areas. Laser skin resurfacing makes the top layers of skin coagulate, or micro-injuries on the skin. This starts the healing process which introduces collagen to the skin. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body. When there is a healthy supply of it under the skin, it gets fuller, firm and wrinkle free. This procedure is just the right solution for crow’s feet, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. The only side effects from treatment is mild redness and swelling that lasts a maximum of 5 days.

Exfoliating treatments are always successful at getting rid of dead skin cells and revealing a new fresh layer. A wide range of exfoliation treatments are available for just about any skin type. A combination of skin hydration treatments, along with chemical and physical exfoliation rejuvenates the skin. When treatment is complete, a glowing smooth complexion is unveiled. With the promotion of cell renewal, a micro-peel exfoliating procedure cleans dirt out of pores and washes away dead cells that cause complexion dullness. Clogged pores and bacteria trapped in them is directly linked to breaks outs and acne. Those who exceptionally benefit from exfoliation and micro-peel treatment are encouraged to have routine sessions every two to six weeks. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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