How to Choose the Purrr-fect Cat Clinic

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Health

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For many cat owners, their feline is just as much a part of the family as any other member; and as such, it is important to find a veterinarian who is compassionate and caring. Finding the right cat clinic in Lenexa KS is not a difficult task, but it is worth spending the time to make sure you find a great feline veterinarian.

Searching online for a clinic in Lenexa KS is a great place to begin your search. Most veterinary clinics have a web presence and will offer reviews from current and past clients. Reviews can sometimes be misleading. You are trying to get a general sense of the clinic, be careful of the overly positive or negative comments.

Without exception, placing a phone call to the cat clinic in Lenexa KS is very important. You want to hear the person on the other end of the line sounding professional and “happy.” You don’t want to start your relationship with your vet clinic with a stressed out receptionist. The receptionist should be able to answer some basic questions such as fees, scheduling appointments, hours of operation. If you have specific medical questions relating to your cat, they should be able to connect you to one of the veterinarians.

If you are liking what you are hearing, then your next task is to ask if you can be given a tour of the clinic in Lenexa KS. The clinic should be clean and orderly, well organized and with a professional staff. There should be adequate stalls to keep all types of animals kept safely from other pets. You will want to examine the operating room to make sure it is clean and sanitized as well.

While at the cat clinic in Lenexa KS, ask to speak to the veterinarian on staff. Find out how long the vet has been in practice, and if they specialize in cats or animals in general. Although every vet has to start at some point, you should look for one who has been practicing for a while so that he or she has some experience with cats and feline-specific diseases under the belt.

When you get home, do a little background research on the clinic and the veterinarians there. You can type in their names into various searches, and you should find ample information to give you enough knowledge if the vet someone you want to care for your cat.

Before you leave, find out how the clinic receives payments for services rendered. Ask how they handle appointments: how much notice is needed, what to do if you need to cancel, what if it is an emergency?

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