How should turmeric be consumed to avail its medicinal benefits?

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Health & Fitness

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Turmeric is a root belonging to the ginger family; it is commonly used in Indian food and is well known for its numerous health benefits. Turmeric’s benefits mainly come from curcumin; curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric that gives the curry powder used in food its golden colour. Curcumin is considered a wonder botanical in the world for its healing benefits.

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as part of traditional medicine to treat everything from common cold to heartburn to sunburn, chronic diseases and even to heal fractures.

Even though turmeric is a natural cure for diabetes and other chronic conditions that have a foundation in inflammation, in its commonly available form, being poorly absorbable, it cannot prepare the body to fight these conditions. The turmeric that you find in the market has very little curcumin (a mere 2-5%), and the benefits of curcumin cannot be utilized by the body to prevent and fight diseases because of its poor absorption. This is where scientifically validated expertise is required in harnessing the benefits of turmeric in its most powerful ingredient curcumin, and making them available to the body in a super absorbable dosage form.

The high antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory action of curcumin can cut down on inflammation at the cellular level, improve the body’s natural defense mechanism and fight chronic conditions powerfully.

Recent scientific research on curcumin demonstrates its power in being a potent agent to fight cancer; curcumin has been found to be effective in killing cells in certain kinds of cancers in women, prostate cancer, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Curcumin also plays a huge part in protecting the brain from oxidative damage, slow the ageing process and improve memory. The benefits of curcumin in improving the body’s metabolism and fighting digestive problems have been widely researched.

Scientists have proven the efficacy of curcumin in maintaining a healthy body and keeping diseases at bay. It is good to have turmeric in your daily diet but in order for it to act as a natural cure for diabetes, arthritis and other lifestyle and chronic conditions it is better had in a dosage form; a standardized extraction process of the botanical must ensure the therapeutic portion is obtained and incorporated in a dosage form such as a capsule or a tablet to ensure all its benefits are absorbed by the body.

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