How Doctors Treat a Neck and Spine Sports Injury in McDonough GA

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Health

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Athletes can commonly experience injuries on the playing field, but the most dreaded injuries are those that involve the neck and spine. These injuries are sometimes referred to as “career killers” and they can also be life threatening, leading to paralysis or even death. Some neck and spin sports injuries are less severe, but they are still very painful and will need appropriate treatment if the athlete will ever recover enough to play sports again. If you are facing Spine Sports Injury in McDonough GA, see your doctor right away. Here are some of the tests your doctor will likely suggest to diagnose your injury and determine the most appropriate treatment.

First, your doctor will almost certainly order an x-ray. Depending on your injury, the x-ray may be sufficient to diagnose your injury and create an adequate treatment plan. The x-ray is not painful at all. You will be instructed on how to stand or lie in the best position so the doctors can take photos of your spinal column. It will only take a few minutes to complete the x-rays and your doctor will be able to view the results almost immediately. If the x-ray is inconclusive or the doctor needs more detailed information about your injury, he or she might order some other diagnostic tests.

The second most common diagnostic test for neck and spinal sports injuries is the MRI. An MRI will not hurt and it doesn’t use radiation like the x-ray. During your MRI, you will lie down on a table and be moved inside a tube that will take pictures from every angle. The MRI gives your doctor more exact photos of the discs in your vertebrae. An MRI is also helpful for viewing nerves and joints in greater detail.

Another common test is the CT scan. It is similar to an x-ray procedure, but the doctor will inject you with a special dye to show the injured area in greater detail. Sometimes a CT Myelogram is used to get a very accurate look at the spinal canal.

Doctors will use these test to determine the extent of your injuries and then to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for you. In some cases, you may require a few days or bed rest to allow the injured area to heal properly. Your doctor might suggest you wear a back or neck brace to stabilize the injured area. You could also need physical therapy or surgery to correct the problem. Talk to your physician to learn more about treatments for spinal and neck injuries related to sports. If you have any questions about our tailored chiropractic services schedule an appointment today.

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