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How Do You Become A Chiropractor In Temecula CA?

After an undergraduate course of studies which has 90 hours of Science as the focus, a student who wishes to become a Doctor of Chiropractic must attend an accredited chiropractic college for four to five years. After 4200 hours of classroom study, laboratory and clinical experience a student will graduate into practice. During these 4200 hours, over 550 of them will be dedicated to learning spinal analysis and techniques of manipulation. Once the educational aspect has been completed the individual must then pass board exams and all the exams that are demanded by the state in which he wishes to practice. Once the board exams have been passed and the state licensing procedures have been met, the individual is a Doctor of Chiropractic and can become a practicing Chiropractor in Temecula CA.

The basis of a chiropractic curriculum is to provide a deep understanding of the body, the structure and the function and how it all relates to health and disease. During the training phase of education, the student receives training in the basic sciences including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and dissection. Typically, an applicant for chiropractic school has four years of pre-med undergraduate education. Because of the hands on care associated with chiropractic, the requirements’ are very demanding as a significant amount of training in adjusting techniques and clinical training is required. A very deep study is undertaken of differential diagnosis, therapeutic techniques and radiology. A doctor of chiropractic differs from a non-physician health provider such as a physical therapist as they can both diagnose and treat patients.

A Chiropractor in Temecula CA has a deep belief in natural health care, they believe in the curative power of the body and its ability to heal itself without surgical or medicinal intervention. The focus is the spine, its structure, function and biomechanics and the spines affect on neurological systems and the role that proper functioning plays in the preservation of health. A chiropractor is involved in the promotion of public health and his approach to care is one of wellness.

Once the educational process is complete he enters practice. Chiropractors can care for far more than just back pain but a Chiropractor in Temecula CA will be the first to admit that most patients are seeking relief for lower back pain. The human back is a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, ligaments and joints. Any of these elements can fail, a sprained ligament or a strained muscle will result in back pain. Back pain is often the result of a sports injury or an automobile injury but it can just as easily be caused by combing your hair. Additional causes of back pain are poor posture, obesity and psychological stress. Internal diseases such as kidney stones, kidney infections etc can also cause lower back pain.


If you are like millions of other Americans and suffer lower back pain then get the problem solved quickly and painlessly. Visit a professional Chiropractor in CA who has been successfully treating patients for over 20 years.