How Dentists Use Sedation When Providing Dental Care in Lincoln square

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Dentist

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There are not too many people who look forward to visiting the dentist and many are downright scared to go. They may have had painful experiences during examinations and have avoided going back to see their dentists to the point that they have neglected the health of their teeth. Fortunately, dentists have many ways to help people relax when they need work done so they don’t need to avoid having checkups, cleanings, or other necessary dental procedures.

How Sedation Is Used

There are some procedures for which you may need to be mildly sedated to help you relax if you’re nervous about a visit for emergency dentsit in Lincoln square. For nervous adults or children, a dentist can use light sedation to help them calm down and stay still long enough to examine their teeth. This type of sedation is called conscious sedation and allows the patient to respond to questions and maintains his or her reflexes.

Conscious sedation may be administered by:

• Inhaling a gas such as nitrous oxide.
• Giving the patient oral medications such as a pill or syrup.
• Injecting a sedative.
• Giving patients medications intravenously.

The medication or nitrous oxide allows the patient to relax during dental care treatments and the dentist or hygienist doesn’t need to worry about being accidently bitten.

Choosing Sedation Method

The dentist will decide which sedation method to use by evaluating:

• The patient’s anxiety level.
• The patient’s ability to cooperate, especially when providing dental care for children or people with special needs.
• The type of treatment that is needed.

While conscious sedation is often used on children, some adults may need help relaxing as well, especially if they are having their teeth cleaned or cavities filled. If you have questions about the type of sedation that your dentist uses, contact the office of Cornerstone Dental for more information.

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