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Have you been wondering about adopting new Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for your medical practice? Healthtec Software, Inc. would love to provide you with a tailored, efficient solution that both your staff and patients will love.

EHRs are digital, or computerized, versions of your patients’ paper charts. The best thing about this system of record keeping is that it can give a wide range of medical professionals access to one person’s information, whether that patient is in his or her family doctor’s office, or in another part of the country on vacation. The idea is to create patient-centered records that make it simple to provide timely and accurate care, no matter where or when the patient needs it.

Why Healthtec EHR Software Is Better

Our EHR software strives to do this without ever slowing down the process for the physician and staff. We understand that you do so much every day, and want to provide a tool that keeps pace with your practice. The software is designed to mimic the real world flow of your work, and adapt to your particular system. Further, Healthtec products will evolve with your practice over time, working with changes in focus and requirements, rather than against them.

Imagine gaining quick access to a new patient’s entire medical history, or instantly knowing the blood type of a very ill person in your emergency room. Nothing is as vital as correct and fast information, especially when a life hangs in the balance. Healthtec’s EHR software can give you that and so much more.

Other Services from Healthtec Software, Inc.

While EHR software is our specialty, we do so much more for our clients. Talk to us about training, ID card scanning solutions, claim services, A/R management and integrated credit card processing, patient statements and more. Our mission is to enable you to help your patients as much as possible, and these systems and services are the perfect tools.

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Please take a few minutes to fill in the contact form on our website, or feel free to get in touch via phone, fax or email. Our friendly and helpful staff will take time to speak with you about your particular needs, and determine what EHR software will best suit your practice. Prepare for a new and better way of keeping records, not to mention a happier staff and better served patients. Call today!