Get the Facts On Laser Hair Removal In Glenview

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Beauty

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Lasers can be your new best friend, especially if you want permanent hair removal or reduction in Glenview. There are many laser options that can help remove tattoos, rejuvenate the skin and reduce hairs on the body, which will all allow you to look your best and look healthier and more beautiful.

Hairs Reduction Treatment

While these types of removals won’t permanently remove all hairs from the treated area, they can reduce the number of hairs and can be used with all skin tones. Both men and women can have the treatment, which consists of using lasers to penetrate the skin and follicles. There can be some slight discomfort, so you will probably be given some anti-inflammatory ointments, ice packs or cold water to help ease that pain.

Reduction Side Effects

Laser hair removal in Glenview is a very popular procedure and typically uses a lower heat setting to provide safe and efficient results with little to no pain. Sometimes, blisters may form, but it is rare and usually occurs in those with dark complexions. Other side effects can include scarring, redness at the site and swelling. However, the side effects are rare, and the benefits can outweigh the problems.

Rejuvenation Treatments

If you have age spots, brown pigmentation or redness on the face or other areas of the body, it can be treated with lasers. Usually, the area is coated with gel and treated with the light. It will penetrate your tissues and will be absorbed by the melanin or blood, depending on what is being treated. Your body will automatically remove those tissues, giving better-looking skin afterward.

Rejuvenation Side Effects

Side effects aren’t usually extreme, though can include infection, blistering and swelling. Sometimes, you will look like you have a sunburn after the treatment and sometimes the spots that were treated will look darker for a few days to one week.

Why Have Tattoos Removed

Lasers can be used to remove unwanted tattoos as well. Many people, in their youth, decided it would be a good idea to get a tattoo. However, as they grow older and mature, they may find it difficult to get work or look professional, especially if the tattoo is in a place that is noticeable. Makeup can be used to cover it, as well as long sleeves and pants, but removing them is sometimes best.

Laser hair removal in Glenview is an excellent way to reduce hairs on the body without having to shave or wax. Contact Ayana MedSpa to learn more.

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