Get Back in The Game With Therapy in Wichita, KS

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Dentist

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Family dynamics have changed through the years. It is not unusual for families to be blended or non-traditional. Often, there are issues that cause a lack of communication within families. For instance, depression affects many people along with adjustment disorders. Family therapy is helpful because members can discuss their feelings openly in a safe environment. Therapy is available for conflicts between parents and children, troubling adolescent behaviour and issues brought on by conditions like depression.

Frequently, individuals fear there is a stigma associated with depression and they never seek help. However, depression affects thousands in this country. Therapy in Wichita KS can help ease the symptoms of many conditions. People who have depression often have trouble living their everyday life. It can be painful for family members to watch a loved one suffer. They can get better with therapy, or therapy and medication. There are a couple of types of depression:

  • major depression-individual has severe symptoms and can’t work, sleep, study or eat-individuals may have more than one episode during their life
  • persistent depressive disorder-depressed mood that lasts for a couple of years-individuals may have bouts of major depression as well

If you need help, Visit Adult Child And Family Counseling . They provide individual and family counseling. Some family members may be affected by adjustment disorder. This is a short-term condition brought on by a person’s inability to cope or adjust to a source of stress. Sometimes, the stress can be an event, loss or life change. Factors that may bring on this condition include:

  • divorce
  • losing a job
  • death
  • experiencing a serious illness
  • losing a home

Symptoms start a few months after the event and usually last for about six months. Individuals are diagnosed when their reaction to an event is greater than what is typical. Often, experts label this condition as situational depression because it goes away when someone adapts to the event. There is no need to suffer in silence when depression and other conditions occur. Therapy in Wichita KS helps people with depressive illnesses get their life back. Get back in the game and start enjoying life again.

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