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Frisco, TX Men Can Control Premature Ejaculation

Men wishing to have a more fulfilling sex life may find that certain sexual problems prevent them from doing so. One such problem is premature ejaculation. This occurs as a result of being really excited about sex and being hyper-stimulated before sex begins. To manage this issue of premature ejaculation in Frisco, TX offers some alternative medicine that can help.

What Is Tao(ism)?

Tao is an ancient form of learning to breathe, use imagery, and control the body’s responses until just the right release moment. It is key in treating premature ejaculation in Frisco, TX men who suffer from this problem. Over the course of several sessions, men learn how to take greater control of their bodies so that sex becomes longer-lasting and more enjoyable for both them and their partners.

No Sexual Stimulation in Classes

It’s important to note that these classes teach techniques, but do not involve sexual stimulation of any physical kind. Part of the training is to envision something erotic while forcing the body not to respond. No one is required to voice what they envision, and privacy for clients is highly valued.

Clients will never be embarrassed or made to feel uncomfortable in any way during a session. The instructors give you “homework” to try with your partner and then ask for the results during the next session.

If you would like to try this ancient method of healing, contact Tao Tantra to discuss an initial consultation and what’s next.

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