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Four Tips for Recovering from a Facelift in CT

Any procedure that a person undergoes requires some downtime afterward to allow for proper healing. A facelift qualifies in this category. A facelift in CT performed by a cosmetic surgeon is a lengthy procedure that can last up to four hours. Since incisions are made, and sutures are required, the face will be extremely sore. In order to recover properly, it is important that patients follow these four tips.

Have a Caregiver Available for the First Couple of Days

After the procedure is completed, a facelift patient will be disoriented and sore. They should not be left alone. For this reason, it is important that a caregiver is available for the first day or two after the facelift. Patients will want someone there to help get them home safely and help take care of them the first day while they should be resting.

Follow the Pain Medication Instructions Explicitly

Pain medication will be prescribed after a facelift. In order to receive the full effects of the medication, patients need to follow the instructions explicitly. If one pill should be taken every several hours, then no doses should be skipped.

Avoid Heavy Lifting and Exercise

For the first few weeks after the facelift, no heavy lifting or exercise should be done. The face will be healing from the sutures, and too much activity can cause pain. Patients do not have to be bedridden and can easily walk around, but anything above that is too risky.

Make No Social Plans Until Recovery is Complete

During the first several weeks post procedure, there will be major swelling and bruising. Most people will not want to be seen looking like this. For this reason, it is best to avoid making any social plans during this time. Rest and recovery should be the only priority.

Recovering from a facelift is a lengthy process, but once it’s complete each person who had one will look and feel younger and better than before. As long as these four tips are followed, the recovery process can go as smoothly as possible. Visit Martin Cosmetic Surgery for a Facelift in CT.