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by | Jun 29, 2021 | Health

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You have probably heard about it before, but what exactly is body contouring and is it right for you? In a nutshell, body contouring involves destroying fat cells using heating or cooling methods. Body contouring is also known as nonsurgical fat reduction and is a great way to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat on the body. If this is something that you’re considering, be sure to find the right body contouring treatment in Fort Collins for you.

How Does it Work?

As we just mentioned, body contouring destroys fat cells using nonsurgical procedures. There are a few different types of treatments available and the one for you depends on your body goals. Some treatments use freezing temperatures to target and destroy fat cells, while others use controlled heating and laser energy to target fat cells.

Be sure to talk to a professional if you have questions about getting a body contouring treatment in Fort Collins.

Benefits of Body Contouring

Aside from the fact that you will have your dream body in no time, there are several other benefits to body contouring. For one, there are far fewer risks involved with body contouring than there are with liposuction or any other similar surgical procedures. The recovery time for body contouring is also quick and patients are typically out and about on the same day of treatment.

Some of the risks associated with body contouring include minimal swelling, redness, and pain.

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