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Find a Midwife in Washington DC If You Plan to Give Birth Naturally

Do you want to experience a natural birth? If so, you may be better off to find a midwife in Washington DC, rather than going the traditional healthcare route with an OB-GYN. You just need to think about what you want to achieve by choosing a midwife delivery at home.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Before you investigate further, contact a health organization, such as Rock Creek Midwifery. Learn about what takes place when you have a home birth midwife support the birthing process. This is the best way to weigh the pros and cons of a hospital birth versus a home birth. You can find a midwife near you in Washington DC, as noted. You just need to find out what steps are involved in this type of birth.

Do You Want to Avoid a C-Section Birth?

Before you find a midwife near you in Washington DC that will work with you, you first need to determine if a vaginal birth is a top priority. You will soon learn, when you contact a midwife organization, that midwives staunchly support vaginal birth. Ask an OB-GYN about his or her perspective about birthing. Does he or she have a high C-section rate?

If you feel that it would be better to have a caregiver nearby during labor, you need to find a midwife to assist you with delivery. Also, how do you plan to manage your pain. Do you think you will be alright using a medication-free method for pain management, at least initially? Usually, midwives seek methods for managing pain that support natural births. In this case, that might mean receiving homeopathic remedies, switching positions, or receiving acupressure or massage therapy. Some women who deliver also use a birthing ball.

OB-GYNs follow stricter protocols than midwives. While a doctor may monitor you with an IV and fetal monitor, midwives normally encourage their patients to move around while being intermittently monitored. If you are trying to decide between an OB-GYN or midwife, find out more about each caregiver’s policies during delivery.