Facts You Should Know About Venous Leg Ulcers

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Health

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There is a condition referred to as venous stasis where the blood flow in the veins of your legs is deficient so that the blood builds up in your legs and has nowhere else to go. That is when your chances of developing one or more ulcers on your legs, ankles, or feet greatly increase. If you notice any symptoms such as painful or swollen legs and/or cracking skin, that is when it may be wise to contact a Schaumburg vein clinic and schedule an appointment. Once a venous stasis ulcer forms, it can be quite difficult to treat and cure.


The real key is preventing the ulcers from forming to begin with. One of the ways that is most helpful, and cannot be stressed enough, is moisturizing. Talk to your physician and find out what lotion or cream he or she would suggest that you be using and how often. Another way to try and prevent leg ulcers is to avoid any trauma to your legs and feet. If you have an issue with swelling, your physician may prescribe compression stockings or bandages. One of the most important things that might be suggested is elevation. If you do that two or three times a day for 15 or 20 minutes, you may see some great benefits. The most important thing to remember is that your feet must be higher than your heart.

If an Ulcer Develops

If you notice signs of an ulcer, call a Schaumburg vein clinic immediately. Some symptoms may include hardened skin or scabbing around an ulcer, itching, and/or pain. You might even notice a discharge with a foul smell. Treatment can include an antibiotic or compression or both. Some physicians even treat with a non-compression wrap called an Unna boot. If you need treatment for leg ulcers or have questions or concerns about any vein or leg issues, contact the Schaumburg Vein Clinic where Dr. Garg or any of his staff is more than willing to speak with you. Visit website URL for more information.

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