Facts & Myths about Private Duty Home Care

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Senior Health

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Some people reject the idea of private duty home care because of a number of misconceptions, not knowing they could missing out on a valuable option. Here’s how to tell myth from fact:

Myth: Home care is for old people.
Fact: There are a number of situations where people might require home care services, says Paired for Care. Some might have been involved in an accident or suffer from a progressive health disease such as cancer, Alzheimer’s or any other conditions that require specialized medical supervision than family members could provide. Temporarily disabled patients undergoing recuperation also require in-home care.

Myth: It’s expensive.
Fact: Compared to assisted living facilities or nursing homes, the average costs of hiring in-home care are significantly lower. It’s a solid, low-cost option and one you should explore before opting for anything else that comes with a hefty price tag. There are a handful of innovative home care providers, who use technology to make setting up home care easier and more affordable than ever!

Myth: Only nursing homes offer long-term care.
Fact: A great number of seniors actually prefer to stay in their homes, with neighbors and nearby members of the family ready to pitch in or help. With home caregivers, your loved ones can remain in the place they’re most comfortable in.

Myth: You only need home care for medical reasons.
Fact: There are plenty of home care services that deal with your loved one’s non-medical needs. If your loved one has trouble driving around town, getting groceries or trouble remembering when to take the next batch of medication, then having someone there to deal with all that is a good option. That way, you know someone’s taking charge and looking out for your loved one.

So don’t dismiss private home care out of hand. Learn the facts before you decide.

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