Do You Have Skin Cancer? It’s Time to Discover the Benefits of Mohs Surgery in St. Paul, MN!

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Health

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No one in St. Paul, or anywhere else for that matter, wants to deal with skin cancer. Unfortunately, this is a problem that has become more prevalent in recent years due to an unprotected generation reaching an age where skin cancer is a real problem. People with skin cancer usually have a very low chance of death, especially when the cancer is caught early. However, many people who suffer from skin cancer once, find that it reoccurs again and again. This could be because they haven’t had the benefit of Mohs Surgery in St. Paul, MN.

If you’ve never heard of Mohs Surgery, you’re not alone. This procedure isn’t used in every skin treatment center, although it should be. You see, Mohs Surgery in St. Paul, MN offers a closer look at the skin than other kinds of procedures, ensuring that 100% of your skin is evaluated to eliminate every bit of cancer. This greatly reduces your chances of reoccurring skin cancer – which is good news for you.

Not everyone is qualified to perform this type of surgery. This means that it’s possible that your local hospital doesn’t have a Mohs specialist on staff. If you’re finding that this is the case, your best course of action is to find a local skin clinic to take care of your problem for you. Unlike other kinds of cancer, skin cancer can be treated and excised during an in-office visit. This eliminates the need for hospitalization, and the same staff that takes care of you pre, during and post surgery can take care of your skin in the future as well.

When choosing a clinic that offers Mohs Surgery in St. Paul, MN, take the time to check the credentials of the staff that performing the training. They should have certificates that show that had training beyond normal skin treatment options to include Mohs. Just for clarity, a dermatologist can be a Mohs surgeon. In fact, this is the medical field that is most likely able to treat your skin cancer as a whole.

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, don’t get too upset. Instead, find a qualified physician that understands Mohs and you’ll get the problem treated the right way the first time.

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