Do I Need Glasses?

by | Feb 20, 2013 | Health

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How do you know if you need eye glasses or not? Well, the obvious signs are usually that you start to notice your eyes may not be able see as well as they used to. Perhaps you have trouble reading small writing from a long distance, more than before. Perhaps you find that you have trouble focusing on certain things that used to be easy. Eye health is one of the most important things to us. We want to look after our eyes because we know they are the only pair we have and if we lose them, we would find it hard to cope. As we age, our eyes begin to degenerate, albeit very slowly, but the cells are not as easy to renew as when we are younger. We need to make sure that our eye health is always at its best.

Regular Eye Checks

Regular eye check-ups with your local optometrist in Durham NC can ensure that your eye health stays at its best. They can foresee any future issues and correct them professionally and easily, with the right methods. Having a check-up at least every two years is probably the most advisable, but some people may have a condition that requires regular monitoring.

If you haven’t been to an eye doctor in a long time, you might want to think about it soon. They will do a full examination of your vision by testing how well you can see, both close up and at a distance. They will also examine the eyes inside and locate any possible issues that you have or may develop. Once the test is over the optometrist will determine whether you need eye glasses and they will write you a prescription for lenses according to the health and behavior of each eye. One eye may be slightly longer sighted than the other eye and your lenses may not need the same kind of treatment.

Environments and Work

People who work in an environment when they need to work up close to their subject, such as painters, illustrators, computer workers or model makers can sometimes find that their eyes become so accustomed to close-up viewing that they adjust too far. This can make a person short sighted and give them problems seeing things from a distance. The only way to know for sure if you need eye glasses is to visit a local optometrist and have a thorough test to ascertain whether your eye health is good.

If it turns out you do require eye glasses, the optometrist will show you their entire range of choices and you pick the ones you like the best. They will also advise you on frames, if you need a little extra help deciding.

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