Discovering Pain Management – Tracy Chiropractic Specialists Help Patients Find Pain Relief

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Healthcare

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We all have to deal with pain sometimes in our lives; pain is a normal reaction to an injury or any other situation that implies damage to the tissues, like surgery. Fortunately, this type of pain usually goes away after the lesion or injury is healed. There is, however, another type of pain, which lasts longer and requires more effort to deal with – chronic pain. Thankfully, when it comes to chronic pain management, Tracy patients have who to turn to. In Tracy, there are numerous pain management clinics that offer a wide variety of services aimed at bringing pain relief and teaching patients how to cope with pain.

Pain management strategies

There are various strategies for chronic pain management Tracy patients can choose from. Most of the times, pain management specialists use a combination of different methods, including medical methods (medicine, surgery), psychological methods (therapy, relaxation, hypnosis), and alternative remedies (massage, chiropractic, herbal remedies and acupuncture).

Medical methods

Medical methods can be useful in some chronic pain cases. Patients suffering from chronic pain can take pain killers to find pain alleviation when the pain reaches unbearable levels. However, taking pain killers is not a very effective pain management strategy, because it creates dependency. When the treatment is stopped, pain returns. Surgery can also be used in some back pain cases or for patients who have suffered different types of accidents. Unfortunately, surgery is not always an efficient pain relief strategy.

Psychological methods

An important part of pain management is learning how to deal with pain. Through therapy, relaxation and hypnosis, patients learn how to manage pain, reduce its intensity or even control it. Chronic pain can have a very profound psychological effect, and it can, many times, lead to depression. Overcoming pain and enjoying life in spite of pain are the main purposes of psychological pain management methods.

Alternative remedies

In many chronic pain cases, the most effective management strategies are the alternative methods. Through massage, chiropractic and herbal remedies, the whole body is treated and healed. By stimulating the body’s self-healing response, pain is gradually and naturally reduced from the inside. Chiropractors use a holistic approach that not only eliminates symptoms, but heals the causes of pain, and helps patients’ nervous system function in an optimal way. Through massage and chiropractic, many patients suffering from chronic pain have found not only pain relief but also a new lifestyle and a new perspective on life.

When it comes to pain management, Tracy patients have a wide variety of services to choose from including medical, psychological or alternative approaches.



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