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Different Types of Cosmetic Procedures

We are all in the search for the perfect smile. No value can be placed on a smile that has the power to melt the hearts of those who encounter it. Cosmetic dentist Springfield, VAcan transform damaged, decayed teeth to the flawless, picture-perfect smile we all dream of. There are several corrective procedures and surgeries that a patient can embark on to have a “smile makeover” depending on the complications they have.

Discoloration is a common problem that we are all faced with at some point in our lives when it comes to our teeth. For many people, what were once shiny white teeth slowly turned to a set of stained yellow and brown teeth. The most apparent solution to this would be teeth whitening. This can be done either at home using over the counter products or it can be corrected through bleaching done by a cosmetic dentist Springfield, VA.

Badly shaped teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth are all eyesores that ruin a person’s smile. Poorly shaped teeth and crooked teeth are a result of teeth growing in the wrong direction after the milk teeth have fallen out during childhood. In some complicated cases, orthodontic work may be necessary to correct crooked teeth. An orthodontist in conjunction with a cosmetic dentist Springfield VA will be able to take x-rays of the teeth and jaws and determine what kind of work is needed. Crooked teeth can go as far as causing someone to have a bad bite. This affects the way they chew and process their food which can lead to headaches.

While braces are at times used to correct crooked teeth, dental veneers are an alternative treatment option that can be used to cover chipped teeth. Veneers provide you with a perfect smile almost instantly. There are two types of veneers; porcelain and composite. In porcelain veneers, a small thin film of porcelain is bonded to your teeth, once an impression has been made of your teeth, the dentist sends it out to the lab to have veneers made. Another reason for veneers is to maintain perfectly, white teeth. Realistically, no matter how many times you brush your teeth, they are still bound to get some discoloration over time.