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Different Methods of In Vitro in San Francisco CA Meant to Overcome Specific Fertility Obstacles

Couples who’ve been ready to start a family but have been unsuccessful for more than a year may feel doleful and discouraged. Hope for a family doesn’t have to be lost with In Vitro in San Francisco CA. Fertility clinics using the latest medicine to assist in conception first try to diagnose the cause of infertility. If a reason is found, fertility doctors can find a way to assist in conceiving that’s most likely to be successful. In Vitro in San Francisco CA can be done in more than one way. The technique used is often determined by the specific reproductive function that’s impaired.

Women who are still at the age of peak fertility but have irregular menstrual cycles may do well with Micro IVF. A medication is taken that stimulates the ovaries. There are oral medications and injections. Micro IVF addresses a specific reproductive condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome. Most women develop this condition well before the stage of advanced maternal age. Infertility as a result of aging or poor-quality eggs does not apply to them. Irregular menstrual cycles or not ovulating at all for an extended period of time is an issue. These women may just need a medication that helps them ovulate in regular intervals. This is different from standard IVF in that it uses a milder form of ovarian stimulation. Standard IVF is more frequently used on women of advanced maternal age who need to produce a larger number of eggs. Egg quality and time is a concern. More eggs need to be produced so the doctor can select the ones most viable for in vitro.

Natural cycle IVF is for couples who would like to minimize the use of drugs. Natural egg production is relied on to use for the in vitro procedure. Several ultrasounds and blood tests are taken to find the best time to retrieve the egg. Couples who want to avoid having multiples could try this procedure. Women with endometriosis might have a higher success rate with this procedure. Endometriosis is known to make it harder for the sperm to reach the egg from scarring on the endometrial lining. It doesn’t affect egg quality or anything in the ovulation process, though. Sperm doesn’t have to travel through the uterus where progress can be impeded when in vitro fertilization is administered instead. Visit us at laurelfertility.com for more information.