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Developing Youth Athletic Training Programs in Colleyville TX

Developing athletic training programs for young people takes a different skill-set than it does to develop programs for adults. There is an ever-increasing demand for services and facilities that are dedicated to teaching sports skills to young people. The primary emphasis in youth athletic training programs in Colleyville TX is speed and agility in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

Youth athletic training programs are very beneficial when it comes to the development of movement skills, weight control, and overall fitness. However, if proper guidelines are not adhered to, the children involved can actually be put at risk. Developing and implementing a viable youth athletic training program requires in-depth knowledge and understanding that is not necessarily needed when creating a program for older people.

Children Are Children, Not Miniature Adults

Unfortunately, many coaches are driven by the need to win. Often, youth training programs are designed to accommodate the drive and the desire to win; the same goals that drive adults. The drills that older people are put through are designed to use their advanced motor skills. A younger body is unable to respond to this type of training, it rarely results in children being actually able to participate in games.

Children Are Athlete’s First, Players Second

Coaches are motivated to teach the skills required to excel at a specific game. It is these skills that translate to success on the playing field. Long before children can focus on unique skills, they must first be able to perform general skills such as running, skipping, jumping, landing and other skills. It is the development of basic skills that eventually translate into game-specific skills, focusing on narrowly defined skills can suffocate the potential of a child.

The importance of fun in youth athletic training programs must not be forgotten or overlooked. Young people involved in sport learn better if they have fun doing it. Visit FFL Colleyville for more information.