Determining When the Time Is Right for Alzheimer’s Care

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Health

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When your loved one starts experiencing the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer, you might not have any idea what to do; watching your loved ones mind slowly go can be hard on the whole family. If this is happening to your loved one, it is important to receive Alzheimer’s care in Plano right away. By receiving the care for your loved one, you are helping them to stay in their homes for as long as possible while making sure that they do not become injured in the process.

Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s is known as a progressive disease. It may begin with just misplacing items more frequently than usual and will slowly progress until you forget names of people that have been in your life for many years. Because this disease is progressive, the person may have the option of living at home for many years after the onset of Alzheimer’s; as long as they receive the Alzheimer’s care in Plano that they need. As mentioned, Alzheimer’s begins with mild symptoms, misplacing the keys more often, and the person is able to live at home for many years; as long as family visits regularly and they receive the care they need. Unfortunately, this disease will progress to the point where the sufferer will eventually need to be moved to a nursing home where they may receive 24-hour care.

Indicators of Needing Help

There are many indicators of when your loved one will need Alzheimer’s care in Plano; some of these may include whether or not your loved one can perform daily tasks on their own and how much family members can help out. The first questions that need to be asked include if the family member is capable of doing daily tasks such as preparing meals cleaning the house, buying grocery or taking their medications. If they are having trouble with any of these tasks, or their doctor recommends that they have assistance, it will be up to you and the family to decide which steps need to be taken. You will have to determine if someone in the family is willing and able to take on the responsibility. Unfortunately, there are times that your own schedule does not allow you the time your loved one requires. If this becomes the case, you should call a company that specializes in taking care of the elder with Alzheimer’s.

Finding Help

If your family has decided on Alzheimer’s care in Plano for your loved one, it is time to begin the search for the correct caregiver. You will need to find someone with the correct qualifications, the flexible schedule, and the availability needed to take care of your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Having someone take care of your loved one does not mean you do not care. Instead, it shows how much you care, as you are ensuring they have the assistance they need during times when you cannot be there.

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