Denture in Manassas Park Can Help People Who Are Missing Teeth

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Dentist

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Unfortunately, sometimes problems arise that can negatively affect a person’s teeth. In some situations, damage or an injury can occur that causes people to lose some or all of their teeth. Having missing teeth can cause many difficulties in a person’s life. It may be hard to eat properly or speak clearly. People with missing teeth often feel ashamed or embarrassed about their appearance, as well. Luckily, dentists can provide their patients with denture in Manassas Park to replace missing teeth and improve self-esteem.

People can lose their teeth in a variety of ways. Some oral diseases or medical conditions may cause a person to have weakened teeth that fall out or break off easily. In some cases, advanced levels of dental decay may cause a person to lose some of their teeth. Also, accidents or trauma can occur that may knock teeth out or cause them to become weak or loose. Many sports accidents or serious automobile collisions may result in missing teeth, but any type of unexpected trauma could permanently harm teeth.

Dentists are able to fit their patients with dentures to replace any missing teeth. Dentures can be either full sets of teeth or partials, depending on how many teeth a patient is missing. Dentures closely recreate the appearance of real teeth, which helps people feel more confident in their appearance. They also allow people to eat more easily and speak clearly.

Most dentures are held in place with strong adhesives, and they provide excellent comfort. Dentures are custom-created for each individual so that they are sure to fit correctly and meet a patient’s exact needs. They are usually removed each night and thoroughly cleaned using special solutions to ensure that they stay clean and fresh. Proper, regular cleanings also prevent dentures from becoming damaged due to regular use.

When people lose their teeth due to any type of illness, injury, or other cause, they may feel self-conscious and don’t know where to turn. Dentists are able to provide help in these cases by creating a set of custom denture in Manassas Park for patients. Dentures help people speak, eat and enjoy life again.

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