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Nutritional aspects play a role in the amount of bacteria in a persons saliva and a lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to tooth decay. Over time, the decay gets worse because the bacteria erode away at the delicate enamel of the tooth. Once enamel goes away it’s very hard to restore if at all. After the enamel starts to break down, dental carries can occur and those require filling to restore and in the case of severe infection, the tooth may have to be completely removed from the mouth. If teeth get weak they get sensitive because of the nerves underneath. Different procedures can be done to prevent too decay, such as regular dental exams and regular brushing, mouth rinsing, and daily flossing in between meals.

New patients receive almost half-off on the all inclusive oral exam. The complete exam includes disease screenings for gums, teeth, and cancer with full mouth x-rays included along with complete cleaning and polishing done. Appearance services are available to correct crooked teeth with Invisalign invisible braces as well as teeth whitening by using the Lumalite teeth whitening advanced tooth whitening process. Veneers, bonding, and total care for dentures help improve the smiles of patients of all ages.

Services are available at the lowest possible cost to our patients because all procedures are completed in house. At Deptford Family Dental, all services for dental care happen under one central location. This Dentist Nation Park can perform regular check-ups as well as same day emergency care for those in need. If you have a problem you’d like checked out, whether big or small, feel free to stop in immediately. No appointment is required during normal business hours. Major credit cards are accepted and most general insurances are accepted. For those services not covered by insurance, payment options are available as well with reduced fees in some instances. Call or visit the offices for more information about payment options for dental care.

So if you need a Dentist Nation Park look no further than Deptford Family Dental. Providing complete dental care for the entire family.